Jee Aayan Nu (2003)
Directed by : Manmohan Singh
Produced by : Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar
Written by : Baldev Gill
Starring : Harbhajan Mann,Priya Gill, Kimi Verma, Navneet Nishan
Music by : Jai Dev Kumar
Cinematography : Harmeet Singh
Distributed by : T-Series

Jee Aayan Nu is the first film in the history of Punjabi cinema to be made on such a lavish scale and with renowned technicians who have contributed their best efforts and dedications to the film.

Plot: Mr Grewal (Kanwaljeet), a business tycoon of the media industry, is a Punjabi settled in Vancouver, Canada with his wife and two daughters. Simar (Priya Gill), the elder daughter, was three years old when she was brought to Canada from her birthplace, Punjab. Living a lavish life in Canada, both daughters are highly influenced by the local culture. Mr Grewal, with his family, returns to Punjab after many years in order to attend a college function. Mr Grewal meets Inder (Harbhajan Mann) who happens to be Grewal's childhood friend's son. Grewal asks Inder to take Simar around and show her the beauty of Punjab.

While sightseeing Inder makes Simar realize how loving and good-natured Punjabis are and how it is beautifully blended with their culture. Though Simar is impressed, her mother (Navnit Nishan) is not comfortable in her own country and its lifestyle. Inder and Simar soon fall in love and the families decide to get them married.

However, at their engagement, Inder realizes that Simar's family expects Inder to settle in Canada with them after their marriage. Inder refuse to leave Punjab. Annoyed at Inder, the Grewal family returns to Canada.

Time passes and soon Inder's parents, seeing his pain without Simar, insist that he should go to Canada and get his lost love back. Inder leaves and is now determined that he would get Simar back.